Office chairs that seven areas closely related to health

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  • Modern computers have become essential office tools and entertainment, the modern day sitting in front of the computer even more than eight hours. People use poorly designed, ride uncomfortable and poor quality office chair will bring great harm to the body, not only may lead to lumbar, cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder, wrist, and other bones and muscle vascular disease, and it will affect blood circulation, destruction of the human digestive system and hinder metabolism, causing the body tired, lazy obesity, and may even affect reproductive health.

    Health is priceless, so choose a comfortable ergonomic office chair is very important. In simple terms, the so-called ergonomics is to design products with a "people-oriented" scientific concept. Because everyone's body is different, so it has the ergonomic design of the products have a number of elements of the regulatory function, by making the products suitable for adjusting the size and habits of the user, to let the body comfort and health. Of Baoli recommend that you focus on the selection of ergonomic office chairs to consider the following seven areas:

    1, determines the height of the seat cushion comfort legs

    2, seat cushion depth determines the pressure of lower extremity and lumbar health

    3, the height of the lumbar pillow determines the health of the lumbar spine

    4, back office functions and determine the efficiency of the rest

    5, the height and angle of the headrest decision cervical comfort

    6, armrest height and angle of the shoulder and arm comfort decisions

    7, the seat back cushion material determines sitting comfort

    As long as you buy office chairs and to judge from the above seven areas, will be able to have for your body to protect the health products and services. Further up Baoli also like to remind you achieve health office computer to note three other things:

    First, set the time, every hour to stand up under the active cervical and lumbar spine;

    Second, buy lift tables products, alternating sit-stand work to achieve and maintain good health, improve work efficiency;

    Third, configure the monitor stand, the screen is adjusted to the right height and angle of the liberation of cervical fundamentally prevent cervical disease.