Office chair to adapt to space, but also to health care

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  • Staff office chair a little screw loose, will lead to a retrogression in productivity - the office there is such a "butterfly effect": dilapidated office chair for loose screws, a sit down will be issued annoying "creak" sound; the seat even about the imbalance, fear will fall another position; Shengelanyao force, but also worry about body weight will crush the fragile back ......

    The so-called "we must first of its profits", the latest office technology office chairs bring a new reform. Whether at home or at work, you can make the person sitting feel its presence, combined with ergonomic and offers the most comfortable and healthy posture is seated so that "informed TIPS" office chair is selected from the king.

    Preferred supporting local office, you can adjust the curvature of the mesh chairs

    Sit comfortably, office chair is the most basic and ultimate requirements. Each person's stature, sitting habits, regardless of the family, or the need to purchase large quantities of office, the adaptability of the chair is a sensitive indicator. From the current mainstream view of science and technology office chairs, mesh office chairs are preferred. Compared leather surface, fabric, leather and other traditional materials, mesh has more plasticity and adaptability, is a "future" of the material more.

    First, the structure loose mesh material, the material is more economical than traditional materials. Traditional leather, fabric office chair on the basis of the framework had to add sponge cushion, not only more supplies, the pursuit of comfort, the seat and backrest thick sacrificing breathability. Another characteristic of the forward-looking mesh material in its plasticity. Increasingly common disease in the office today, a good office chair is also shoulder the responsibility to protect the lumbar spine neck. In the latest science and technology in an office chair design in the waist, back, neck, head, arm position, we need to consider ergonomic, consider these details through the mesh material can be achieved. Sometimes the appearance of two similar mesh office chair, its back arc, the length of the seat, armrest height and other details of little change, its comfort different.

    A "considerate" office chair, make your waist, shoulders get bonded partial load bearing capacity, the elastic supporting neck with an adjustable, able to adapt to a variety of positions, spinal health protection. In addition, the position of the armrest is designed to relax the supporting shoulder height; both sides of the chair is slightly tilted inward, so more relaxed sitting position. By considering these details, let office chair better "understand" the body's needs, so office workers sitting healthier.

    Garden preferred compact and flexible, adaptable style

    Most families have a home office needs, but home office less time with respect to the Office of the lower strength, office chairs "professional" degree requirement is not so high. After all, within the space of the home, pay attention to ergonomic mesh office chair stereotyped faces appear a bit too serious. Especially for limited space study families, professional office chairs larger, in a space far too cumbersome.

    Accordingly, both healthy posture, but also in aesthetics and comfort, more compact and flexible, the best choice is adaptable style home office. For example, consider an ergonomic design back mesh chair, choose no handrails, no neck supporting style, not only can save space, letting the chair does not seem too bulky. You can also choose to combine mesh and leather, cloth cover. For example pad sponge cloth comfortable sitting surface, with good elasticity, simple design of a low back mesh, supporting better, its design is also more beautiful.

    The perfect posture of the spine between the thighs and buttocks and calves into two orthogonal

    When the office using the "most perfect posture" beneficial to bone health. What is the most perfect posture? According to US media reports, when adjusting the height of the chair should stand up, step away from the chair, adjust the operating lever so that the highest point of the chair seat is located just below the kneecap bias. So that we can sit down and reach the most perfect posture: feet flat on the ground can, knees bent at right angles. When people sit down, to be formed between the spine and the hips, thighs and calf two right angles, so that the most beneficial to bone health.